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Snowball storytelling

On the 8th of November, the pupils of Infantry and 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses of Primary really enjoyed the English storytelling entitled Snowball at school.


Pupils were entertained a lot with the story in which a baby Polar Bear was captured by a wicked witch. But her friend the Eskimo rescued him with the help of some of our children that played the roles of different Artic animals, like a seal, a walrus, … even some of the teachers were actors for a while.




We learnt new vocabulary and songs about the Artic.
We had a lot of fun singing and dancing.


And don’t forget “Learning English is always fun”!


On October 31st we celebrated Halloween. What does this mean for our students?

For all of them is a very special day full of games, songs, dancing, scary costumes and many other things. It also is a reward after two weeks working different aspects of British and American culture. Infantry children is their first contact with this tradition so during the previous weeks they have been working Halloween and clothes vocabulary through songs and games. On Halloween day they get to dance, sing, see the costumes and play trick or treat with the older students from 4th grade. First and second primary grade go deeper on the Halloween vocabulary. On this special day they meet for their first time with the scary part of Halloween going through the Haunted hall and later playing Halloween games like bobbing apples. 3rd and 4th Primary grade, having already acquired all the vocabulary, get to use it to build sentences by writing wanted posters with a monster description or their own potion’s book. They also go inside Halloween preparations by carving their own pumpkins or making a Halloween dance to show to the smaller children. 5th and 6th Primary grade dive in cultural facts, doing a webquest to find about similarities and differences about Halloween in the USA and in the UK and reading horror stories or Celtic legends and making them into a comic. Secondary faces a wide range of activities from writing and cooking their own Halloween recipe to build a haunted hall that allows them to use and practice their English skills

We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!

As every year, we celebrated Saint Patrick. Did you know that his real name was Maewyn Succat? Or that he was kidnapped by pirates? He also taught Irish people how to pray. We learnt all of these facts in english classes.

We also know how to say and write some typical words of this day: Shamrock, Pot of gold, Leprechaun, Ireland, Green, Lucky, Rainbow…

We learnt songs, painted our own shamrocks (They are lovely, aren’t they?), did homework about Saint Patrick, played different games with green balloons and on friday 17th, we dressed with green clothes according with tradition. The best part was going out for a «Leprechauns Hunt» in the playground, but they are so tiny that we couldn’t see any of them. The good thing was that they forgot their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow next to Moli, Nuba and Aris! What a big surprise!

We had a very good time and since that day we are always looking for more Leprechauns or Shamrocks. If you find one, you will have good luck! Open your eyes and pay attention!

Como todos los años, hemos celebrado San Patricio. ¿Sabíais que su nombre real era Maewyn Succat? ¿Y que lo raptaron unos piratas? ¿Y que enseñó a rezar a la gente que vivía en Irlanda? Todas estas cosas y muchas más las hemos aprendido en las clases de inglés.

También hemos descubierto cómo se dicen y escriben algunas palabras características de este día: Shamrock, Pot of gold, Leprechaun, Ireland, Green, Lucky, Rainbow…

Aprendimos canciones, pintamos los shamrocks (A que son chulos, ¿verdad?), hicimos trabajitos sobre Saint Patrick, jugamos con los globos verdes y a otros juegos juntos y el viernes 17 ¡nos vestimos de verde como manda la tradición! Lo mejor fue ir en busca de los Leprechauns por el recreo, pero como son tan pequeños no se dejaron ver… Lo que sí que vimos fue su caldero lleno de monedas de oro al final del arcoiris. ¡Lo habían dejado junto a Nuba, Moli y Aris! ¡Menuda sorpresa nos llevamos!

Nos lo pasamos muy bien ese día y desde entonces no dejamos de buscar Leprechauns o Shamrocks por el recreo. ¡Nos darán buena suerte si encontramos uno! ¡Todos a buscar! Estad atentos.

Jungle Fever in Escolapias Miraflores

Last march 8th, children from 3 to 8 years, had a very special visit: Tam came to Escolapias Miraflores! She needed our help!

At least, she told us her problem a few days before her visit in order to help her when she came.

Magically, we travelled to the jungle but there weren’t animals. So we had to become wild animals such as lions, elephants, tigers, snakes, monkeys…

We had a great time! We danced, sang, performed and we also lost our fear of embarrassment. Of course, we did all of this in English! We just said: Go for it and do it!

Here you have now some pictures for that unforgettable day. You can also see how handsome we are. Enjoy!

See you soon Tam!

El pasado día 8 de marzo, los alumnos de infantil y de primer ciclo y 3º de primaria, tuvimos una visita muy especial: ¡Tam vino a Escolapias Miraflores! ¡Necesitaba nuestra ayuda!

Menos mal que días antes nos explicó un poco el problema que tenía para poder así pensar en cómo ayudarla. Por arte de magia, viajamos a lo más profundo de la selva, pero como no aparecían los animales, tuvimos que convertirnos nosotros en leones, elefantes, tigres, monos, loros…

¡Nos lo pasamos en grande! Bailamos, cantamos, actuamos y hasta perdimos la vergüenza. Eso sí, ¡todo esto lo hicimos en inglés! Cuando nos «appasionamos», no hay quién nos pare.

Aquí os dejamos unas imágenes para que veáis lo bien que nos lo pasamos y lo guapos que salimos todos.

¡Hasta pronto Tam!

Halloween 2016

This year on Friday 28th many different academic levels have joined the Halloween tradition. FPB started the day dancing Michael Jackson’s thriller to Primary, Secondary and CFGM.

ESO had a haunted hall waiting for Primary school at half past three and Primary danced and enjoyed playing games the rest of the afternoon with the infantry children.

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All this has been possible thanks to a hard week work where children have used their different knowledge and abilities to get it ready. On infantry they learned all about trick or treat and different monsters. On Primary they have learnt how to prepare Halloween using different shapes to carve pumpkins, making spells on the computer, … On secondary they made biscuits, pumpkin carving greeting cards and a haunted hall.

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Este viernes 28 hemos celebrado Halloween en el centro. Comenzamos por la mañana con FPB animando por las clases bailando la canción de Thriller de Michael Jackson. Por la tarde Secundaria tenía un pasillo del terror esperando a la hora de la entrada a los alumnos de primaria, que terminaron la tarde cantando y jugando con los de infantil.

Todo esto ha sido posible gracias a una intensa semana de trabajo en la que los alumnos han usado sus distintos conocimientos y habilidades para prepararlo.