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On November 18th the fourth class of ESO went to visit the Neoclassical Vitoria.
The visit started in Montehermoso Palace. We made two groups and each group went with one girl who explained us everything about this period of history.
We saw all the Vitoria extension in the Neoclassical period: the squares and the streets that are in it and the old town of the city. They explained  us why the “Machete” square in called like that , and why the city hall windows have the form they have.
We also  learnt which  the funtion of the arches in the Arquillos building is and why they were made that way and who made them.
We saw the buildings that are of the Neoclassical period like “España Square” that during the time has  had different names.
The visit finished in the Magdalena Convent.
In conclusion we have seen all the buildings, streets, squares… of the Neoclassical Vitoria and we have learnt more about this period of the history.



To see more about this trip you can watch the following video: