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Foro Municipal Agenda 21 Hondakinak- Residuos

El Colegio ha vuelto a participar en el último de los Foros medioambiental sobre residuos que se han celebrado este curso.IMG_00000908


Los alumnos que acudieron en representación del Colegio fueron : de 4º de EPO: Alazne y Naiara; y de 5º de EPO: Asier y Nerea

Se le han planteado al Ayuntamiento, y en concreto al Alcalde, al Concejal y a los técnicos  de Medio Ambiente, sugerencias, preguntas y compromisos relacionados con la gestión de los residuos, que los alumnos de los distintos Colegios de Vitoria-Gasteiz hemos trabajado durante este curso y  sobre los que hablamos en el pasado Foro Escolar del mes de abril.





I was surprised by the stunning and luxurious objects that surrounded me in the cabin. I remember the smell of salt water that permeates the air, as well as the sound of the laughs of my brothers in the other room. It was almost midnight when I heard something like a lullaby. My parents were captivated by that music that they got ready to leave the cabin and have a look. My mum told me that she would feel better if I stayed near her so I feel compelled to go with them.

All the passengers were unware of what they were doing. All were throwing from the ship and drowned by the captivating song that some beautiful women were singing amongst the waves. I begged for my life and they conceded me to live but only like them, only like a mermaid for 100 years serving Oceania and then I could be a human again. When all is said and done, there will be no memories of my time before becoming a mermaid, and no memories of my time serving Oceania.

I could not speak to humans because my voice was lethal for them, my voice would make them suicide. I could not grow old until I turned 100 years serving Oceania.

80 years later;

Time passed and every time I become more friendly with my sisters, the mermaids who saved me. Their names were: Padma, Elizabeth, Miaka and me, Kahlen. My sisters and I spent to much of our time as sirens trying to either forget the pains of our past or desperately grasping at happy memories that continue to float away.


I was very nervous in my first day of college. I could not speak to anyone because as I have said my voice was lethal for them. I was Reading In the shade of a tree near the university when suddenly a handsome boy started to talk to me. As I could not answer to his nice “Hello” he discovered that I was not able to speak but it seemed that he did not care he was comfortable speaking to me with no answer, I assumed he needed someone to listen to him and I was perfect for that.


His name was Akinlli and every time I liked him more and vice versa. We travelled together all over the world. But I could not live that fairy tale dream, he would realize that I would never grow old but he would grow older. Whom I wanted to deceive? My love story could never work.



I decided to stay away from him and that was not a good idea. We both got sick on the verge of death. I did not know what was happening to us and I asked my sisters but they did not know anything. I was desperate, I wanted to be the rest of my life at his side but I guess my life was not a fantasy.



My sisters went to talk to Oceania but she did not know what was happening to me either. We did not stop thinking about a solution. Padma my mermaid sister had the idea of becoming me a human again. The 20 years left that I had to serve Oceania would be shared between them and in that way, I could become a human again and I would recover from my sickness. But if I returned as a human I would not remember anything of my life as a siren, I could not remember my sisters and I could not remember Akinli.




The next day, I woke up in a house of a stranger, but they all seemed to know me. I was out of place, someone called Akinli kissed me on the lips but that did not return my memories. I remember that he told me that he would do everything he could to make me fall in love with his smile, just with him.





It has past a long time since I saw him for the first time. It was the best feeling of my life, the first one, I would dare to say.
Since that moment everything changed, and I won´t say that my life turned around completely and that I got in love at first sight, because it wouldn´t be true. Things changed, very slowly.
So slowly that days passed by and I even don´t realize it. But, I didn´t care about it.
I didn´t care about lossing my time, because in all that time I learnt wonderful things, life was teaching me.
In some way I knew that, destiny placed you in my way for a reason and my job only was to find out what that reason was.
I took my job more like a game, that stop being it the day I started loving you, and I don´t know exactly when that day was. I only realized that I was loving you, when you became into the oxigen of my lungs.
Then yes, It was a very slow process I wasn´t awareness of.
It became routine the kisses, the caresses, your skin, and you.
You had turned into my life, without being awareness of what that implied psychologically.
But at that time, I didn´t care about psychology.

A caress was able to erase every argument.
I was able to forget everything with a single friction of your skin.

We weren´t constant and much less the idea people have of “the perfect couple”.
But believe me when I say that; everything by your sight was perfect.

I loved you. That much that I couldn´t consider a life without you. That much to start thinking; without you, I die.

And please, don´t think that feeling is something gorgeous, because it isn´t.
It´s love, but that´s also emotional dependence. It´s leaving your live for the other person. It´s taking out your limits and leting him go through them. It´s not respecting your freedom, it´s not respecting yourself.

In the single moment you put the other person above you, you are no longer respecting yourself. And at the same time, you are leting him know he can do whatever he wants with your body.

Behind every kiss, a lie could have been hidden. Behind every caress, an insult. And behind every night, a severe beating.
And eveything because of that; “without you I die”.

Loving you was beautiful, It was the most beautiful thing I´ve ever done.
But it hurt, it hurt every single argument, every single word coming out form our mouths, saying stupid things, with the stupid intention of hurting each other.
It hurt excessively, to me more than to you.

In some way, you filled the gap inside me, I wasn´t able to fill.
You didn´t care about anything, you didn´t care about your life, you didn´t even care about yourself.
And I promise you that something inside me broke forever the moment you made me understand that the only thing in your life you really matter, was me. It was a big reponsibility, but a responsibility I was able to assume for the rest of my life.

Everything between us was going perfect, so well that the only thing we wanted was being together. So well that the other people leftover. So well that we started to turn people away from us.

So well that when we realized how alone we were, It was to late.
We were walking on the tightrope, he was my only harness, I was his only harness.
That was the reason why it didn´t work, because we weren´t able to life each one It´s life, without exceeding limits.

It still hurt, because It hurts feeling as empty as I was before you. And I know you still love me, because I still do it so.
And I know you suffer, because I hardly ever see you coming out from your house. Because I can see your pain screams on my nightmares.
I know you suffer, because I do it so. Like I never have before.
I know my life is by your sight.
That we are destroyed one without the other.

Lets try to fill up our lifes, lets try to be happy on our own.
And lets try it again. Until we succeed.
Lets try it as many times as our strength allows us.
Forever yours;