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On October 31st we celebrated Halloween. What does this mean for our students?

For all of them is a very special day full of games, songs, dancing, scary costumes and many other things. It also is a reward after two weeks working different aspects of British and American culture. Infantry children is their first contact with this tradition so during the previous weeks they have been working Halloween and clothes vocabulary through songs and games. On Halloween day they get to dance, sing, see the costumes and play trick or treat with the older students from 4th grade. First and second primary grade go deeper on the Halloween vocabulary. On this special day they meet for their first time with the scary part of Halloween going through the Haunted hall and later playing Halloween games like bobbing apples. 3rd and 4th Primary grade, having already acquired all the vocabulary, get to use it to build sentences by writing wanted posters with a monster description or their own potion’s book. They also go inside Halloween preparations by carving their own pumpkins or making a Halloween dance to show to the smaller children. 5th and 6th Primary grade dive in cultural facts, doing a webquest to find about similarities and differences about Halloween in the USA and in the UK and reading horror stories or Celtic legends and making them into a comic. Secondary faces a wide range of activities from writing and cooking their own Halloween recipe to build a haunted hall that allows them to use and practice their English skills