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After Easter holidays, we look forward to an entertaining visit, Easter Bunny!

We worked a lot to make of this day, a great day when all kids went to the playground in order to look for the colourful chocolate eggs that Easter Bunny hid there.

We made beautiful Easter baskets to collect and to keep all the eggs. We also made a finger puppet with the shape of a rabbit! Painting and decorating them in class was very funny.

IMG_0125(1)                            IMG_0120(1)

We were ready and the big day has finally arrived! While we were playing and working in class, Easter bunny came to our school and hid chocolate eggs all over the playground.

IMG_0091(1) IMG_0095(1) IMG_0099(1)

All of us went outside ready for picking up the delicious chocolate Easter eggs. We looked for them in the hedges, in the sandbox, in the slide, in the benches, etc. Easter Bunny left them everywhere!

IMG_0103(1) IMG_0116(1                              IMG_0127(1)

Thank you for visiting us and thanks to Carmen, Teresa and Mabel for helping us!

See you next year Easter Bunny!

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