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Games day with our special friends


Today we went with our special friends. We had a very important task, practice the names of different animals and say if they are wild animals, farm animals or pets. To do this we prepared different games, and we explained and played them in English. At first it seemed pretty hard but as soon as we started playing everything became easier and funnier. It was a great time.

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Hoy hemos ido con nuestros amigos especiales. Teníamos una tarea fundamental, practicar a decir los animales y clasificarlos en salvajes, de granja o mascotas. Para hacerlo hemos preparado diferentes juegos y jugado en inglés. Al principio parecía muy difícil pero conforme hemos comenzado a jugar todo ha sido muy fácil y divertido. Ha estado genial.


After Easter holidays, we look forward to an entertaining visit, Easter Bunny!

We worked a lot to make of this day, a great day when all kids went to the playground in order to look for the colourful chocolate eggs that Easter Bunny hid there.

We made beautiful Easter baskets to collect and to keep all the eggs. We also made a finger puppet with the shape of a rabbit! Painting and decorating them in class was very funny.

IMG_0125(1)                            IMG_0120(1)

We were ready and the big day has finally arrived! While we were playing and working in class, Easter bunny came to our school and hid chocolate eggs all over the playground.

IMG_0091(1) IMG_0095(1) IMG_0099(1)

All of us went outside ready for picking up the delicious chocolate Easter eggs. We looked for them in the hedges, in the sandbox, in the slide, in the benches, etc. Easter Bunny left them everywhere!

IMG_0103(1) IMG_0116(1                              IMG_0127(1)

Thank you for visiting us and thanks to Carmen, Teresa and Mabel for helping us!

See you next year Easter Bunny!

Saint Patrick’s Day (EN)

As every 17th March, we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day.

We had to wear, according to tradition, something green if we didn’t wanted to be pinched by a Leprechaun! We were lucky and nobody was pinched.

During that week, we wanted to know more about Maewyn Succat (also known as Saint Patrick) and why he was so important to history. We enjoyed his history. You can watch it, here:

We did many activities: games, songs, dances, shamrocks, leprechaun’s hats… We also made some face painting!



Moreover, we learnt new words like Leprechaun, Pot of gold, Shamrock, Rainbow, Ireland, etc. Furthermore, in the afternoon, we had green balloons. It was a big surprise and a reward for our hard work during the week!


At the end, we needed help to carry with all our work! Thankfully the teachers were there with us. Thank you!




Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


This unit we worked with the senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.  We did group activities to reinforce the relevant sensory vocabulary. 

For taste, the students did blind taste testing of various foods, including lemon, grapefruit, salt, sugar, licorice, and lettuce, then described the food using the four basic flavors, salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.

20160125_110257 - copia

For touch, the students were blindfolded and then touched different soft and rough surfaces. Si te interesa, sigue leyendo…

Research group work

Some weeks ago Ryan, our American teacher, proposed to do a research work about the states in the USA. We split the class in five groups and we chose a state.
The first day he gave us some tips on how to do some teamwork, as finding the key questions and splitting the job so we can get more job done in less time. The second day we started working on the layout. To decide it, we had to talk between us and reach an agreement on how to design the poster. The last day we had to get all the information and put in on the poster as we had decided. We also did some small changes on the layout.
It was a hard work and we discovered the importance of every person of the group doing their job. We also discovered that, although we knew the key questions, finding the information on internet is not as easy as we thought from a start. And it was not always the one we needed, as Ryan pointed out a few times.

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Hace unas semanas Ryan, nuestro auxiliar de conversación, nos propuso hacer un trabajo de investigación sobre los estados de EEUU. Dividimos la clase en 5 grupos y sorteamos los estados.
El primer día nos dio unas pautas de como trabajar en equipo, como encontrar los temas de interés o repartir la tarea de investigación para aprovechar mejor el tiempo. El segundo día empezamos a trabajar en el diseño del póster. Para decidir como elaborarlo tuvimos que dialogar y llegar a un acuerdo. El último día teníamos que coger todo lo que habíamos encontrado y colocarla en el póster de acuerdo a lo que habíamos decidido. También hicimos pequeños cambios en la disposición.
Fue un trabajo duró pero descubrimos la importancia que tiene que todas las personas del equipo aporten su granito de arena. Ta!bien descubrimos que pese a tener claro que poner en el póster, encontrar la información en internet no es tarea fácil y no siempre es cierta, como nos confirmó Ryan alguna vez.